Arabel Lebrusan AKA Rosillo de Blas is a visual artist whose sculpture and site-specific interventions function as social commentary. Focusing her lens on material culture and the ‘feminine’ tactile environment, she investigates wider issues of power relationships, exploitation and inequality. Through small objects as well as large-scale installations, she explores phenomenological encounters with objects and spaces.

Rosillo de Blas is particularly interested in the psycho-social and physical experiences of the home, and the objects contained therein. She experiments with small-scale, ‘domestic’ objects such as soap, hair, dollhouse furniture, or the actual fabric of the home, such as windows and bricks, often exploiting the inherited and associated meanings of found objects. Recent works draw attention to subliminal violence inherent in domestic tasks, frequently associated with traditional maternal archetypes: knitting, soap rubbing, or skinning a rabbit. She uses craft techniques and processes to transform materials, mine collective memories and create new narratives to engage and open up conversations with the audience.

Most of her site-specific large scale installations are made through a collaborative process, rooted in a socially-engaged practice. The place and the people involved in each project become the context, and the exchange of skills and knowledge intrinsic to the work.


“El Rosario de la Abuela”. Performance/Exhibition. Collaboration with Olga Parra Benavides. 2004. Lunâ Art Collective Gallery.
Cebu city. The Philippines.